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Opportunity, Challenge and Success
CHB Developments is a small family owned and operated company that specializes in building residential and commercial real estate in Portage.

For many years Portage was in need of a residential developer whose bottom line was community development. Owned and operated by a lifelong resident of Portage, CHB Developments is proud to have been the one to step up, utilizing their considerable expertise as well as their own financial resources to take on the challenging and rewarding work of building and revitalizing community.

CHB Developments strives to work cooperatively with all levels of government to achieve their goals in a positive, inclusive and friendly fashion and have formed successful strategic partnerships with many Portage companies that have resulted in the creation of brand new businesses and the expansion of others.

Committed to Job Creation and the Local Economy
Over 95% of all labour and materials in every house renovated or built by CHB Developments is sourced locally! The company employs 2/3 employees directly but provides work for many more local trades people  through its practice of contracting local companies for every phase of construction from foundation, structure, finishing work, and landscaping to real estate. And all building material for both the exterior and interior are bought from local Portage companies, too.

Committed to Community Development and Revitalization
CHB Developments is committed to the revitalization of the North End of Portage, participating in a variety of events at the grass roots level, including community clean up days and sponsorship of local activities, as well as at the governmental level where they participate in round table discussions.

Over the past 5 years, it has renovated 5 existing homes and built over 15 new ones, and is now in the planning stage of a whole new development on the Northern edge of the city called Willow Bay Development.

Recently, CHB Developments has completed Phase 1 of their Kelly K Development, a brand new residential housing development in a sizzling hot SW location a convenient but discreet distance from east end merchants, schools at all levels and beautiful Crescent Lake. Phase 2 has just begun and when finished, will provide an additional 24 homes for Portage la Prairie families.

Exceptional Customer Service
CHB Developments’ personal, hands-on approach to the building of all their homes ensures that these homes will last a lifetime. All CHB homes come complete with a 5 year New Home Builders Warranty, but their commitment to their customers’ satisfaction does not stop there - on many occasions CHB has gone back to homes and fixed little things after the sale, demonstrating to their customers that they stand behind their product well after the sale has occurred!

Good Neighbors
Regardless of where in the city CHB Development crews are hard at work, it is a goal of the company to keep their work/job sites clean so that neighborhoods always look their very best!